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LiveGood Affiliate Program – How To Earn Sharing LiveGood Products

By Brett Gurney

August 30, 2022

This article will explain the LiveGood affiliate program. You'll also get to see LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky explain it in great detail in his video. 

Let's just make this clear right up front. LiveGood does not pay commissions on the members wholesale product purchases. And that is exactly how the company can offer the amazing prices that they do.

They do however pay commissions on the membership fees. They also pay a small commission on the non-member product purchases. These are what they refer to as "retail sales".

On Dec. 13, 2022 LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky announced the  LiveGood 'Global' Launch, greatly Enhanced Compensation Plan, and his famous Powerline Marketing System. Click here for more info

LiveGood Affiliates Earn Commissions Sharing LiveGood Memberships

LiveGood eliminates the middlemen (advertising and marketing agencies, etc). They use affiliates instead. That's a huge overhead cost savings. They then use those cost savings to offer wholesale costs on all their products.

And it's the affiliates that help the LiveGood Wholesale Health Products Membership Club expand it's member base.


The LiveGood Affiliate Program works on a referral basis. Affiliates share the LiveGood awesomeness with friends, family, associates, and even strangers. They invite those people to visit their LiveGood websites.

At the website the visitors can read everything there is to know about the company and the owners and management team. At the products page they can get a summary and descriptions of all the LiveGood products.

So How Does The LiveGood Affiliate Program Work - Give Us The Goods!

Anyone can become a LiveGood affiliate. Solely based on if they wish to share it with others for a commission. LiveGood refers to their Affiliate Program as "Earn By Sharing". 


One thing worth noting is that although the Earn By Sharing page is linked to the main website, it's done in an obscure way. A small link in the site "footer section" of the website within the Privacy, Policies, and Terms, menu. 

This "hiding" of the affiliate page link is done by design. Whereas other companies with an earning program shout it from the rooftops the minute you hit the website, LiveGood doesn't do that. They shout about their products and membership shopping concept instead.

How Are LiveGood Commissions Paid?

LiveGood affiliates earn their commissions through what some would refer to as a unilevel compensation plan. The more an affiliate performs, the deeper they are paid in this unilevel plan.

** (This was the old plan. The new plan may be referred to as a matrix with matching bonus (coded bonus) that pays up to five generational diamond levels deep)

They pay out on retail product sales, the referral of new members, and the referral of fellow affiliates. It costs $40 one time forever to become an affiliate. To be a member for the best product prices available it costs $9.95 a month, or 99.95 a year if a person wants to go that route instead.

A new LiveGood person can do any of these three things. They can shop as a non-member at amazing prices, or they can become a member to shop at even more amazing prices (members wholesale costs). They can also become an affiliate if they want to.

All of these things are optional. Most people become a member and an affiliate once they see the LiveGood awesomeness.

6 Income Streams Make Up The LiveGood Affiliate Program


CEO Ben Glinsky Explains His LiveGood Affiliate Program Concept

And now ... here's something you might like. In this video CEO Ben Glinsky explains exactly how and why the LiveGood membership and the LiveGood Affiliate program works so well. Check out this 8 minute video to get any questions answered.

LiveGood GEO Ben Glinsky Explains LiveGood

You Just Can't Go Wrong With LiveGood

Becoming a LiveGood affiliate has it's benefits, for sure. But that is not the only benefit of aligning yourself with LiveGood. And some would argue it's not even the biggest benefit.

The extremely large savings you get from purchasing LiveGood's high-quality health and wellness supplements has massive value and is a huge benefit.

LiveGood Health Products is a wholesale membership club specializing in high-quality health and wellness supplements. They  offer their products at prices averaging 75% less than their nearest competitors.

They can do that due to a business model that uses affiliates to share the products. Thereby  eliminating the advertising agencies, marketing agencies, and the high commissions that other companies pay on product sales through their compensation plans.

Give LiveGood A Try - Shop Their Products And SAVE!

Have a look at the LiveGood products and check out the prices.. And you can become a LiveGood Wholesale Member to get the best prices available!

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  1. very good for the USA , but no warehouse to distribute products in Europe , best livegood can do is ramp up distribution with reasonable shipping prices for those affiliates who want to try and sell products online , only this will grow the network in +100 countries .

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