July 24


LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky Shares Why He Created The LiveGood Company Concept

By Brett Gurney

July 24, 2022

Today we have a special treat for you. You are going to hear from the LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky. Ben is going to share with you his vision and why he designed  his LiveGood company the way he did.

First I'll give you a super quick overview to what LiveGood is. If you are currently purchasing health supplements anywhere, online or off, this may get your attention.

The LiveGood Wholesale Membership Club concept is really really cool. And the prices are insane. Almost hard to believe, but very real and very doable when you learn how.

You Already Know The Wholesale Membership Concept LiveGood Uses

You are aware of other membership clubs or programs. Costco and Sams Club come to mind. Did you know Costco has over 100 million members? The members pay for a year membership to get discounts on their purchases. Amazon also has a Prime membership to get free shipping.


The LiveGood difference is that we specialize in and are exclusive to high-end high-quality health supplements that work.

And ... the cost savings are far more extreme than a mere discount or free shipping. 50-75% below competitors are the norm with LiveGood health products.

Okay ... so now that you know what LiveGood is ... let's hear from CEO Ben Glinsky as promised.

Watch LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky In This Video

Highlights From The Video

Ben shares some profound insights to the network marketing industry and what more and more lately are considered "broken"

Here's just some of those highlights ...

"Alright guys, let's talk about the network marketing industry and how it works.

So as a lot of you guys know, all these products, nutritional products, supplements, skincare products, they all cost about eight to $12 to make. But companies are selling them for $60 $80, even over $100, so they can pay out a lot of money in the compensation plan. "

And He Continues with "Does That Work"?

"Well, it works for maybe 1% of the people who are actually making money in the MLM industry. Kind of works for another three or 4%, who are making a little bit of money, or making enough to cover their monthly product expense.

But 95% of the people who get in MLM, for the reason of making money, are making little to nothing, haven't signed up a single person, haven't sold a single product.

Some of that is their fault. Some of it's not. I mean, it's hard to sell a product for 60 or 80 bucks when your friends can see a very similar product on Amazon for half the price. "

And Finally His Jolting Conclusion: "So it's okay, right? No, it's not okay!"

Here's what's not okay, as our LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky points out ...

"I don't understand why in every other aspect of our lives none of that stuff is okay.

 But somehow in network marketing, it's accepted that you're going to overpay for products. It just makes absolutely no sense. You've got people at the top of the compensation plan driving around a brand new Mercedes, you got company owners posting pictures of flying around in private jets.


And then you've got single moms struggling just to make ends meet, trying to make a little bit of extra money and buying an overpriced product just so the owner can fly around in a private jet and so their upline can make 50 bucks on them while they're making nothing.

Guys, it's time for a change. This industry is broken and we're going to fix it."

Did You Catch This?

Now I have to repeat his ending sentence to give it some "oomph" ...

"Guys, it's time for a change. This industry is broken and we're going to fix it."

Make sure you are watching the video to get all of it.

And that folks is our CEO explaining exactly why he began years ago crafting the LiveGood Wholesale Membership concept for high-quality health products.

The LiveGood Membership Club Is Like A Breath Of Fresh Air

LiveGood will cause a shift in the way people shop for their health products. Wholesale shopping from home will catch on with people not just across the USA but across the world as the company grows and expands.


It will also cause a shift in the work-from-home opportunity seekers. So many of us know the frustration of either not being comfortable with expensive products with our friends, but also building teams of customers just to have everyone quit in 2-3 months. 

Thanks  for tuning in we'll be back soon. In the meantime, grab your LiveGood wholesale shopping account!

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