January 15


A Big Hit! LiveGood Global Launch With Powerline Marketing System – Must See!

By Brett Gurney

January 15, 2023

Something is occurring in the direct sales and network marking industry that is creating a BIG buzz across the world.

On Dec. 13, 2022 LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky announced the much anticipated and badly needed and wanted  LiveGood Global Launch along with his famous Powerline marketing system.


The LiveGood powerline feeds into another new addition to the LiveGood compensation plan, a 2X15 forced matrix.


  • Weekly Multi-leveled Fast Start Commissions - up to 10 levels deep! 
  • 2X15 Matrix Commissions - fed by a powerline marketing system,
  • Multi-Generational Matching Bonuses - up to 5 enrollment generations deep 
  • Multi-Leveld Retail Commissions - up to 10 levels deep
  • Huge Influencer Bonuses
  • Company Profit Sharing

Along with the cutting-edge health supplements, LiveGood offers an amazing opportunity for those who want to earn by sharing.

Since this LiveGood global launch announcement the company has literally exploded across the globe. I honestly don't know how many countries my personal group has stretched into, but it's a LOT. 

And of course company-wide is many more yet.

Who's Joining The LiveGood Global Launch?

LiveGood went online for testing before launching globally, and before the updated payplan with the powerline system. What WILL become THE famous LiveGood Powerline Marketing System.

Every network marketing  or MLM company wants and needs top networkers and leaders to help build the member base. In the testing phase, the very beginning, those sought after top networkers were only watching.

They thought the LiveGood wholesale buyers club membership was brilliant with incredible potential. But they weren't getting onboard because of what at the time was a weak payplan. 

They needed a plan that was far more team building induced. Something more like what LiveGood has now. And sure enough the day the announcements were made, those top networkers and builders we jumping on baord.

And they are still jumping on board. It's fun to watch. I've never seen anything quite like it.

Now We'll Share Those LiveGood Global Launch Announcements The Exact Way They Took Place

The LiveGood global launch was announced on Dec 13th, 2022. The video below is taken from the zoom call of the big announcement.

LiveGood Powerline Compensation Tutorial With CEO Ben Glinsky

That was part of the big announcement Zoom call. The announcement that shocked the MLM world.

More Great LiveGood Videos Here

LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky is no stranger to the network marketing world. He's actually a bit famous for his previous companies and for his incredible Powerline marketing system.

The LiveGood global launch along with the freshly updated LiveGood Powerline Marketing System will only make him more famous.

How Does The LiveGood Powerline Marketing System Work?

The LiveGood Powerline feeds the LiveGood matrix. I personally think this is genius the way they've done it.

And in addition to being a feeder for the matrix, the powerline is a powerful marketing system. The sense of urgency and fear or loss elements are serious motivators that lead people to joining.


What's really cool is that the company will continue marketing to those in the powerline forever, or at least until they join or opt out.

The following video is an explanation of exactly how this LiveGood powerline works in conjunction  with the LiveGood compensation plan.

How Does The LiveGood Powerline Fill The LiveGood Matrix

Learn More About LiveGood!

LiveGood is Awesome.

Big announcements coming soon!

Brett Gurney

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