July 31


LiveGood Product Formulator Team Ryan & Lisa Goodkin Share The LiveGood Magic

By Brett Gurney

July 31, 2022

The LiveGood product formulator team Ryan and Lisa Goodkin are in the spotlight today. We get to hear them sharing about what makes LiveGood products awesome.

This is great because if you know anything about LiveGood much of the talk is about their prices. The LiveGood product prices are jaw dropping especially when compared to other online sources.

But one of the first questions people have about LiveGood centers around the product quality. Sometimes we hear questions like "how good are the products" or "how do we know the product quality compares"

And those are questions we love to answer. Today our product formulators will do the answering.


Some Background On The LiveGood Product Formulators

Before you watch the video posted below, learn a little about these two and their backgrounds in health. I don't think i have to tell you how important it is to have knowledgeable people as the product spokespersons.

Let's start with Lisa ...

Lisa Goodkin

With a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, a degree in Science and Nutrition and over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Lisa knows what works and what doesn’t work for people of all levels of health and fitness. Her commitment to helping people understand how their bodies work and what can make them perform at peak levels, is exactly why we are beyond proud and blessed to have her as our Director of Product Education.

and now for Ryan ..

Ryan Goodkin

With a doctorate in pharmacy from Palm Beach Atlantic University and a degree in science and nutrition from Florida State University, Ryan has a unique background of being both a natural health practitioner, as well as a pharmacist. He has hand formulated each and every one of the LiveGood products utilizing only the highest quality ingredients harvested from the purest sources around the globe.

“I don’t create products to sell. I create products to USE, and for my family to use. There is no way I am going to let my family put something in their body that I don’t trust 100%. That’s why I started LiveGood. I formulated every product. I know exactly what is in them. And I would not go a day without them!”

LiveGood Mission Statement

Our Mission is Simple: 

To Help People Get Healthy, And Stay Healthy Without Having To Spend A Fortune To Do It.

Most people don't get enough vitamins and minerals from food. And since the body needs these nutrients to stay healthy, they must supplement. 

The human body is complex. It requires the proper nutrients in the proper order to function at its peak. Without these essential ingredients, people can experience long term damage and health issues.

The damage and the health issues can be avoided through proper supplementation.

And Now, Let's Hear From The LiveGood Product Formulator Team Ryan & Lisa

Ryan And Lisa Goodkin Discuss LiveGood Products

Conclusion ...

It's time to make a change.

When you buy LiveGood Wholesale Health Products you get the latest and greatest in natural health care. We not only provide high-quality supplements at an affordable price, but it's hassle free for you.

As a wholesale membership club, we don't sell through stores so you can get these life-changing goods without breaking your budget!

So give us a try. You can shop LiveGood get high-quality health products for a fraction of the price elsewhere.

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