November 30


LiveGood Protein Is Here With 5 Star Rating – Get The Info

By Brett Gurney

November 30, 2022

LiveGood Protein Rocks! It's all organic, helps build lean muscle mass, helps restore and repair muscle so it's the bomb right after a good workout, and it's packed with all the essentials amino acids.

You just can't go wrong with LiveGood's plant-based protein.

Here's What LiveGood's Product Developer Says About It

Ryan Goodkin, LiveGood's Product Developer Director, talks pretty highly of the LiveGood protein.

He say's this ... "if I could take only one product every day, it would be our protein. Maintaining our lean muscle mass is crucial for healthy aging, and keeping our body strong. 


Plus, with all the extra vitamins, minerals and nutrients our protein provides, it does so much not only to help with lean muscle mass, but to help your immune system, and almost every other function in your body."

Here's My Own Thoughts On The LiveGood Protein

I've been buying my protein through GNC ... at $75 @22 servings per container ... ours (LiveGood's) is $22 @15 servings per container.

The GNC product is mainly mass protein .. while our product is protein plus a lot of other health ingredients. You decide .... I know what I'm going to do.

LiveGood calls it the best protein on the planet.

I don't know ... but it's without a doubt an excellent product and looks totally comparable at least or better to the stuff I've been buying for 75.


Another LiveGood Protein User Say's This!

Then, I ran out of my treasured Vanilla Hemp Protein. I ordered the LiveGood vanilla protein & received it in 2 days, just as I was making a smoothie!

I'm amazed at the flavor & ingredients! It tastes EXACTLY like my luxury Vanilla Creme Brulee. The difference in ingredients is LiveGood adds fermented & pea protein, which most likely means a better product!

Julie Rose


LiveGood Plant-Based Protein Has A Lot Going For It


Completely Plant Based

LiveGoods Plant-Based Protein contains the purest and highest quality plant-based proteins we could find..


Pea Protein

The human body requires nine amino acids in pea protein, along with arginine, for a heart that is healthy and with strong blood flow. It’s also full of iron and very little fat.


Organic Hemp Protein

Hemp protein repairs muscles, strengthens the heart, and is good for the brain. It can also support weight management, boost energy and the immune system, and reduce inflammation levels.


Fermented Protein

Promotes digestion without harmful or unwanted organisms as regularly found in other products. Fermented protein also allows nutrients to be efficiently absorbed by the body.


Amino Acids

They play roles in virtually every function of our bodies. Muscles, tissues, skin, our energy, our digestive systems, and so on. LiveGood protein contains the highest grade of amino acids on the market.


LiveGood Protein Goes Well Beyond Just Protein

LiveGood's plant-based protein is packed with 26 vitamins and minerals that are critical for keeping you healthy. From Vitamin B for energy to iron for muscle building, to iodine for metabolism, LiveGood's complete protein has it all.

Check Out These Cool Videos

LiveGood Protein Is Here! Smoothies And Pancakes With The Goodkins!
LiveGood Product Expert Lisa Goodkin Demos The LiveGood Plant Protein

* Go here for more videos!


With a commitment to staying at the forefront of the science of nutrition, technology and food preparation, LiveGood prides itself on producing only the highest quality products available anywhere.

From pure natural ingredients to state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. They ensure consistent quality and are committed to producing only high-quality wellness products consumers demand today.

The LiveGood Protein is no exception

* LiveGood also has an affiliate program for those interested. 

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