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LiveGood’s Healthy Products Lineup – Get Healthy And Stay Health And Do It Affordably!

By Brett Gurney

July 14, 2022

We are happy to begin telling the LiveGood story. We love everything about LiveGood and the entire LiveGood concept.

Our mission is to see households across the world benefitting from LiveGood's healthy products. And why wouldn't they? The LiveGood wholesale membership club makes the products within reach for everyone.

No More Over-Priced Health Products 

Too many companies out there, and especially MLM companies with their compensation plans, excessively mark up their products to pay those commissions. The products can be great, but the prices ... not so great.

LiveGood's healthy products, along with their wholesale membership club concept will change that dynamic in a big way.

Let's Talk About LiveGood's Products 

Everyone says their products are the best, and there are a lot of extremely good health products, and many health MLM's have some of the best. Not all, but there is plenty of good stuff out there.

So if a company can come along and figure out a way to offer similar or better quality at a fraction of the price, would that get your attention.

It sure got mine.

livegoods health products

LifeGood's Director of Product Development Says It Like This ...

This is a short video about what makes LiveGood different and awesome

~Ryan Goodkin, Director of Product Develoment~
"The mission with LiveGood Wholesale Health Products is to help people get healthy, stay healthy, and and not spend a fortune doing it. 

That meant creating the highest quality products that actually work. It's been my mission and my passion to ensure that LiveGood has the highest quality products and there's really two ways we do that.

livegood director of product

The first is our ingredient selection. We source the highest quality, most bioavailable ingredients, and then we test them before they even go into manufacturing.

The second thing is our manufacturing process. We manufacture according to CGMP. That stands for Current Good Manufacturing Practice. It's the most strict guideline in manufacturing.

We then test our finished LiveGood producst for common allergens, heavy metals, pesticide residues, solvent residues, gluten and GMOs. So that you know when you buy a LiveGood health product, you're getting the absolute best quality on the market.

And that's what makes LiveGood awesome."

Does High-Quality Health Products At Wholesale Prices Sound Good To You?

Imagine being able to get your hands on health products that really work, 50-75% lower than anywhere else, without having to sacrifice quality.

Sounds pretty crazy right?

But it's not crazy at all. It actually makes a ton of sense.

You see, LiveGood does not pay less than other companies to produce their products, they simply do a reasonable markup. They do not price gouge and overinflate the cost just to pay a commission through multiple levels.

In fact they do not pay any commission at all on their members product purchases to anyone. Instead, they make the products affordable for everyone.

Now That's A Club I Can Get Behind

So that in a nutshell is the idea of the new LiveGood wholesale membership club.

If you're looking for a way to save money on your wellness purchases, LiveGood's healthy products may be just what you've been searching for.

You can check out all the details by taking a tour of the website here

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